Wicked Campers Barcelona
Cabrils (08348),"Masia Blanca" Can Badia
Carretera de Cabrils a Vilassar km.2

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 10am to 6pm
(by prior appointment only)
Saturday & Sunday: Closed


Directions to Wicked Campers Barcelona:
However you are arriving in Barcelona you will need to make your way to Placa de Catalunya which is in the centre of Barcelona. From there it is a 30-minute train ride to your Camper.

Just make your way into the city to Placa Catalunya, where the airport bus stops. There are 2 train systems under Placa Catalunya, The Metro and the RENFE. You need to get the RENFE train heading North to Mataro/Blanes. Get off the train at Vilassar de Mar. The journey will take approx 30mins from Placa Catalunya.

Once you are off the train cross the main road(N11) and walk right (north-east along beach road) 50metres to the cafe/sandwich bar on the corner. You should now be at the corner of Carretera de Cabrils & Calle de San Jaume. From here you can get a bus - the C12 - to take you towards Cabrils. The buses run every 30mins and 1hr on weekends and public holidays. Get off at the 'Sant Christ' bus stop, opposite some large greenhouses and a 'Residencia Bellaire' sign.

Cross the main road and walk towards the IRTA company sign, then across the red railed bridge, follow the dirt track, veer first right, towards greenhouses and past green gate then first left. You'll find our depot here at Lot 8. The GPS co-ordinates are: 41.517041,2.374989.

Please call or email in advance if you do not have a pre-arranged appointment/pick up. We can be contacted on 0808 234 8461 (in UK only) or +44 203 086 8606 (Outside of UK).

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