2 to 8-Seater Campervans

Iconic 2 & 3-Seater Campervan


Cheap, reliable and basic, these are our original style camper for the budget conscious traveller. Available in 2 & 3-Sleeper Models.

Premium 2-Seater Campervan


Modern, fuel-efficient campervans, so you can cruise around Australia knowing that your van is not only awesome as fuck, it's also reliable & safe. They're near-new and available in Automatic & Manual.

Premium 2-Seater Hi-Top Campervan


One of the main issues when living in a campervan is that there's not a lot of room to move around. We've kicked that problem's ass, with these awesome Hi-Top Campers - perfect for couples on long-range adventures. If it rains or if it's colder than a phone call from your ex, no worries - you've got a comfortable lounge room, a heap of storage space and everything you need to live on the road.

The Zeppelin 3-Sleeper Campervan

Pretty much the same as our Iconic Campervan range, with one exception...it's got a fucking Rooftop Party Stage baby!

Fantastic 5-Seater Campervan


Seats 5 and sleeps 5 adults, Wicked Fantastic 5 Campervan Hire is the cheapest way to cruise around the Australia. Fitted with a Massive Rooftop Tent, a Rear Kitchenette and a kick-ass paintjob.

High Five 5-Seater Campervan


Seats 5 and sleeps 5 adults, Wicked's High Five Hi-top Campervan is spacious, comfortable and so damn sexy it will give your eyeballs an erection!

Family Tourer 5-Sleeper (Hobart Only)

With a Custom-Built Rear Cabin to store all your luggage, a heap of Cooking Equipment and a Massive Rooftop Tent, Wicked's Family Tourer 5-Sleeper Camper is made for travellers looking to be self-sufficient in Tasmania's wilderness.

Foxy Lady 9-Seater

Foxy Lady is our 9-Seater psychedelic Tour Bus (Toyota Hiace Long-Wheel Base), built for taking your crew across the country. Whether you're in a band or just heading to a festival with mates, our Foxy Lady 9-Seater is an awesome way to get around...

LSD Machine 12-Seater

Available from Brisbane only, our LSD Machine is 12-Seats of awesomeness! Over the years we've rented this badboy to bands like Dune Rats, Will and the People, Guttermouth and Bam Margera - it's an icon of the Australian highways!

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