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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know about fuel usage, campervan features, camping spots or just where to buy good drugs? Look no further doods - look below and all your prayers shall be answered...Hallelujah!!

Yes. All vehicles are class B (same as regular cars). They are not taxis so a PDP licence is not required. Make sure that your licence is in English and always kept with you.

The Campervans are 2, 5 Seaters. The van size depends on the amount of travellers that will be in it. Due to road laws, all passengers must wear a seatbelt, so we do not permit more travellers than there are seats in a Campervan.

How many people can sleep in a Campervan?

Wicked Campervans are designed for the budget travellers. The only water system on board is a hand-pump tap in the basin for cleaning dishes. There is a heater and aircon in the vehicle that can be directed from any one of the 4 vents in front and 2 vents in the back.

When you pickup your Wicked Campervan at any of the depots, a staff member will show you where everything is located and how it all works.

Although caravans suit some people better, Campervans offer much more flexibility for touring holidays. Unlike a caravan, you can take a Campervan to all places, can easily make unplanned overnight or rest stops and have almost no setting up to do when you reach a campsite. Campervans are also a lot easier to drive – most people are not used to towing a large trailer and can find it difficult to manoeuvre and especially to reverse! A caravan means the total length of your vehicle is much longer than a Campervan – making overtaking (even on motorways) more difficult and dangerous.

On the whole, it is not difficult at all. All Wicked Campervans are not much bigger than a large car and are pretty similar to drive. They are easy to handle with power steering and automatic transmission, good driving positions and large mirrors. All the Wicked Campervans are fitted with rear-park mirrors – allowing you to see the distance of the car or wall directly behind – a great help!

Fuel consumption can vary considerably depending on the size of your Campervan and weight of your foot. As a general rule, you should drive the speed limits and minimize excessive overtaking of vehicles.

We do (but with no damage cover).

If this happens, you should ring Wicked Campers Africa and ask for advice. The equipment in the Campervans is reliable and is checked and tested between hires, so you should not expect to experience problems. You will be responsible for ensuring that all equipment is operated correctly and may be liable for repair costs in the event that you fail to do this.

All the Wicked Campervans available for hire through this site are right-hand drive.

If you are locked out, we will do our best to get you a spare key or you may have to request breakdown assistance to regain access to the vehicle. This cost will be charged to you.

In most cases, changing the wheel should not be significantly different to changing the wheel of a car – so if you are comfortable with this, you can do it. If you are not comfortable, you should call out breakdown assistance. The wheel-changing equipment will be shown to you when you pickup your Campervan.

Make sure you exchange details with any other parties involved. Make sure the accident is reported to the police and that you get a case number from them. You also need to report the accident to Wicked Campers Africa as soon as possible. We will assist with recovery and repair arrangements if needed. Read the terms and conditions of your hire carefully when booking – you may be liable for an excess payment in the event of an insurance claim. Additionally, you will be liable for the full cost of any damage or problems that are due to misuse or failure to follow operating instructions.

You will be given the number of a breakdown assistance service to call when you collect the Campervan, simply call this number for assistance. All repair costs need to be authorised by Wicked Campers Africa before proceeding.

No. Your safety is our main concern, so you should start looking for a place to over-night from about 4pm (before sunset) as we do not permit driving at night. There are plenty of campsites and Guest Houses along the major roads. We also have a list of Wicked Friends that will not hesitate to let you park on their property and let you use their facilities (at Camping fee rates).

Your hired Campervan will have suitable insurance to cover damage or loss of the vehicle as the result of a traffic accident or crime. This insurance has an excess between R5000 and R10000. There are exclusions from the insurance, such as damage to glass/windows and height-related damage – where you have driven into something overhead. In these cases you will have to pay the full cost of any repairs.

Cancellations can prove expensive, depending on how far in advance you cancel. Check the Terms & Conditions when you book.

This is possible. Both drivers will need to produce valid driving licences that meet the conditions of hire.

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