Edinburgh, Scotland


Wicked Campers Edinburgh
52 Bangor Road Leith Edinburgh, EH6 5JU
Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday: 8am to 4pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Please call us or email in advance if you don't have a pre-arranged appointment to make sure a member of staff is on site. For all Edinburgh Campervan Bookings Enquiries, please Phone: 0808 234 8461 or +44 203 086 8606.

Directions to Wicked Campers Edinburgh From the Airport...
From Edinburgh airport the best public transport option is to get the airport shuttle bus to the city centre (they depart approx. every 10 mins) and then jump off at George Street stop. Continue walking up George Street the same way the bus is heading for another 200 metres and you'll find the bus stop ‘GL’ for bus number 11 to the Depot. Alternatively, you can catch the tram from the airport and stay on until the end of the line (York Place). From here you can catch the number 11 bus at York Place bus stop ‘YJ' to the depot.

Directions to Wicked Campers Edinburgh From City Centre...
Bus number 11 from Edinburgh city centre leaves every 10-12 mins and takes approx. 15 mins to get to West Bowling Green Street, so super central! The bus stop in Edinburgh city centre you need is on George Street and is bus stop 'GL'. This bus stop is at the George Hotel which is 50 metres from Saint Andrew Square. The bus stop you need to get off at, closest to the depot, is called 'Bonnington toll' - this stop is outside of Rosebank Cemetery. The stop itself is on Pilrig Street, just before Bonnington Road. Once you get off the bus walk up to the intersection 30 metres away, turn right onto Bonnington Road and then Anderson Place is the first 3rd road on your left. Walk down Anderson place for 200m and the depot is is the big blue and red building on the corner of West Bowling Green Street.

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